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Facials & Skin Care
A hydrating hand massage and warm mitts complement all of our Facials.

Collagen Eye Treatment                                                             
Our specialized hydrating eye treatment is formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around your
eyes, with a deep penetration of natural moisturizing ingredients. (With facial — $15.00)     $20.00

Micro Lamina Peels                                                                                                     
Micro peels are specialized treatments of deeper exfoliation using glycolic or lactic acids & natural enzymes found
naturally in fruits, to smooth and brighten your skin.  Our “Repechage” Lamina Mask is saturated in ingredients of
organic seaweed, aloe vera, and other soothing antioxidant botanicals to destress, depuff, and refresh your skin to a
more luminous complexion.    $50.00
A series of 6 treatments is recommended for best results.  

      *        Micro Glyco-lactic Lamina Peel
 To reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation of the skin

      *        Micro Enzyme Lamina Peel
 To replenish dull & dehydrated skin with a gentle exfoliation for more sensitive skin types

Lavender’s Signature Customized Facial                                     
Our signature facial designed specifically for your skin’s needs. A gentle exfoliation & warm steam allow for easy
extraction of impurities from pores, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage of the face, neck, & decollete.  A
custom-blended mask will soothe, tone & hydrate your skin to a more youthful glow.  If you choose, we will use smooth,
heated stones for the massage.   1½ hrs.   (Enhance the results with a deeper natural enzyme exfoliation for an
additional $20.00)      $70.00

Gentleman’s Facial                                                                    
For men who like to look & feel their best!  Our Customized Facial, specifically formulated for the gentleman’s unique
skin care needs.  1½ hours.     $70.00

European Deep Cleansing Facial                                                
This facial begins with a natural enzyme peel to deeply exfoliate the skin, followed by a gentle warm steam to ease
extractions of blackheads and impurities from the pores.  A relaxing massage and a custom finishing mask will soothe
and heal the skin, leaving it feeling thoroughly clean and refreshed.  2 hours.     $90.00

Seaweed Anti-Aging Facial                                                       
Our premier “Repechage” anti-aging treatment!  Experience layer upon layer of organic European seaweed creams,
serums, and masks, to rejuvenate, soothe, and firm your skin dramatically.  Treat yourself to total relaxation and
younger-looking skin that is hydrated and glowing! This treatment shows immediate results!   1½ hours.   (Enhance the
results with a deeper natural enzyme exfoliation for an additional $20.00)


Shape, buff and polish the fingernails.  25 minutes.  $12.00

Includes shaping, buffing and polishing the toenails.  30 minutes.  $22.00

Natural Manicure                                                                 
A refresher for your nails & hands! The natural manicure includes nail & cuticle grooming, a relaxing hand massage &
your choice of polish. 45 minutes.  $20.00

Spa Manicure                                                                    
This luxurious manicure takes the Natural Manicure one step further by adding an exfoliation treatment for your hands &
arms, and paraffin wax to leave your skin silky smooth, and visibly younger looking. 1 hour.   $30.00

“No Chip” Manicure                                                                                                  
Available only at professional salons, OPI’s Axxium Gel acts as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping
them strong so that they can grow without breaking. Plus, Axxium gives your nails incredible lasting shine!  The finish is
so sheer and flawless that your own nails show through.   1½ hours.    $30.00

Gentleman’s Pedicure                                                        
A basic pedicure just for men.  Soak your tired feet & then enjoy a nail and cuticle grooming, buffing of dry, calloused
areas, and end with a soothing foot massage.  40 minutes.  $40.00

Soothing Pedicure                                                            
Step into soothing comfort with a warm foot soak, nail & cuticle grooming, filing of dry areas, and a relaxing foot
massage.  Finish with your choice of polish. 1 hour.   $45.00

Spa Pedicure                                                                      
This pedicure takes the Soothing Pedicure to the next level, by adding a sea salt exfoliation treatment. The relaxing foot
& leg massage eases your aches. Paraffin wax further softens the feet. Your choice of polish finishes this treat.
1½ hours.    $60.00

Callous Treatment Pedicure                                                 
This foot treatment adds a special enzyme to our Soothing Pedicure which will give your dry, cracked feet an amazing
transformation.  Skin will become super soft & healthier!  75 minutes.  $65.00

Additional Nail Enhancements
French Polish ~ Add $3.00 more
Custom Nail Art ~ Add $2.00 and up

* As of 2/1/08 we are no longer offering Acrylic nail services.

Winter Pedicure  
The "Soothing Pedicure" but without polish (so you can leave with your boots on!)   $35.00  (seasonal)

Winter Spa Pedicure
The "Spa Pedicure" but without polish (so you don't have to wear flip flops in the snow!)    $50.00  (seasonal)

Add Aromatherapy to any massage for an additional $5.00

Chair Massage
This seated massage can be done on-site within office settings and other workplaces for stress reduction, pain relief,
or as a general “pick me up” in the middle of a long workday.  Chair massages are performed through clothing and
without the use of lotions or oils.  30 minutes.     $40.00

Swedish/Relaxation Massage
This basic feel-good massage uses a variety of strokes and pressures, to improve circulation, relieve tension,
reduce stress, and create a heightened sense of calm & relaxation. 1 hour.      $65.00

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapeutic technique works on deeper layers of muscle and tissue than Swedish massage, and can treat
trigger/tender points.
  • 1/2 hour –  brief, detailed session  $45.00
  • 1 hour – focused attention targeted to your problem areas  $70.00                        
  • 75 minutes –  enough time for a great full-body massage   $85.00
  • 90 minutes – extended session for a full-body massage with focused work on problem areas   $100.00  

* Add 10-12 minutes of Infrared Light Therapy for $8.00   This is done as a “spot” treatment, and is performed on
targeted muscle groups.  Infrared is a band of light that we perceive as heat.  Infrared Heat Therapy can:
  • reduce aches and pains associated with arthritis, tennis elbow, backaches, sore muscles, stiff joints
  • produce a soothing, comforting effect upon the nerves                       
  • help to increase blood circulation
  • stimulate the production of collagen (a building block for human tissue)
Please mention you would like to add this when booking your Deep Tissue Massage appointment, so that the
additional time can be allotted for your session.  

Chocolate Dream Massage                                                            
Indulge your senses as you enjoy a relaxation massage with our decadently scented chocolate massage oil.  A sweet
treat with none of the guilt!  1 hour.  $70.00

Prenatal Massage
With the use of specially designed bolstering pillows, your changing body is supported in comfort while a full-body (no
abdominal) massage is performed to relax your tired muscles, reduce your aches, and help circulation. 1 hour.   $70.00

Escape to the warm, tropical breezes of the islands… Smooth, warmed, natural bamboo tools of various sizes are
kneaded into the muscles to help promote relaxation & relieve tension.  An alternative to deep tissue massage, this
technique offers a gentler way to work the muscles deeply.  Coconut-lime oil adds the tropical element to this
indulgence.   1 hour.    $70.00

WaterTherapy Massage
Warm water-filled pillows are placed under your body to give a calming and soothing feeling as the water flows and
moves around you.  This is added to a full-body Swedish Massage.   
Your stress will literally float away!    1 hour.     

Hot Stone Massage
Melt away your stress!  Smooth, oiled, heated basalt stones are blended into this massage, bringing a deep &
penetrating warmth to muscles and problem areas.  
Cannot be performed on those with high blood
pressure, diabetes, fever, skin infections, heart/liver/kidney disorders, pregnant women, & certain other conditions.  
Sorry, this massage is not offered during the summer months.  90
minutes.     $110.00

Necessities & Other Treatments

Hair Removal
A warm, natural azulene wax is used to gently remove unwanted hair, leaving the skin smooth to the touch.  
Lip     $8.00
Chin    $8.00
Underarm     $20.00
Eyebrows    $18.00
Full Face     $40.00
Lower Leg    $35.00
Upper Leg    $35.00
Arm    $30.00
Basic Bikini     $35.00
French Bikini   $45.00
Brazilian Bikini   $60.00
Full Leg    $70.00

A safe, natural vegetable color is used to enhance your natural beauty. Great for contact lens wearers and those allergic
to mascara.
Eye Lash Tinting     $25.00
Eye Brow Tinting     $15.00

Spa Packages
A selection of treatments combined for a special spa experience…

Tiny Treat                                                    
A quick visit perfect for a lunch break!  Enjoy a Mini-Mani, Mini-Pedi, and 15-minute Chair Massage (Regular Cost
$54.00)    $50.00

Spa Indulgence                                                           
Your tensions & cares will melt away with this luxurious, smoothing and softening treatment for your hands & feet.  
Enjoy a Spa Manicure and a Spa Pedicure.  2½ hours.  (Regular Cost $90.00)   $85.00

Day of Renewal                                                                   
Escape for part of the day and rejuvenate your soul & senses with a Spa Pedicure and Aromatherapy Massage.  2½
hours.  (Regular Cost $125.00)   $115.00

Restful Retreat                                                          
Our most popular package!  Enjoy a Swedish Massage and our Signature Customized Facial, leaving you feeling
refreshed and relaxed.  2½ hours.  (Regular Cost $135.00)   $125.00

Elements of Nature                                                     
Surround yourself in soothing warmth as you indulge with our Signature Customized Facial (with warm stones) and a
Hot Stone Massage.  3 hours.  (Regular Cost $180.00)  $170.00

Hurts So Good                                                       
Unearth your inner & outer beauty, and leave here a new person from the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes, with a
90 minute Full-body  Deep Tissue Massage & our European Deep Cleansing Facial.   3½ hours.  (Regular Cost
$190.00)   $180.00

A light spa lunch is provided with the full day packages.

Swept Away                                                      
This package immerses you in a sensory journey that hydrates your skin & stimulates your senses.  Includes an nature
customized Facial, Water Therapy Massage, Spa Manicure and Soothing Pedicure.  4½ hours. (Regular Cost $230.00)   

The Lavender Experience
Pamper yourself from head to toe with this delightful combination: a Seaweed Anti-Aging Facial, Hot Stone Massage,
Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure.  Heavenly!  5 1/2 hours. (Regular Cost $300.00)   $285.00

** All prices & services subject to change without notice.  Please call for specific information.

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